Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Envy the Jealous.

One of the first Homunculi created by Father, speculated by fans to be the 3rd oldest under Pride and Lust. Envy is a character which can change outwards appearance and voice. Because of this, Envy does most of the Homunculi spy work. Fans debate over Envy's true gender. In the brotherhood series and original manga, all the characters call Envy "He and him" so for now, we'll come him a he.

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  1. Love me some Envy! Can you get that shot where Envy flees Mustang in ep 53, and his wee skirt flips up? Accidentally paused on it once. It's a nice shot of his round arse, and his hair is way longer than it should be due to his speedy transformation.


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