Monday, April 19, 2010

Solf J. Kimblee - Crimson Alchemist

All that I have on the Crimson Alchemist. Unless specified (like anything I in Ishval or his train fight with Scar)

So, here is the Kimblee bits I have. Enjoy. :D


  1. I can't say I felt bad for him considering all the bad stuff he's done but he was definitely an intriguing and awesome villain.

    Too bad he couldn't talk in the end. :(

    Thanks for these, they are awesome!

  2. I know. Heinkel went straight through and damaged Kimblee's wind pipes. He couldn't mutter a word.

  3. i thought that kimblee was awesome and it suckz that he is dead

  4. I was sad that he died, but when he appeard inside of pride at the end, I was like, DAAAMN KIMBLEE, you are TWICE the badass that I thought you were!!!

  5. Thanks so much for these pics, they're actually hard to find despite him being such an awesome character!!


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